About us

How we are run

General Council voting

Find out about the democratic way the Ramblers is run as a charity.

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Meet the Ramblers

Kate Ashbrook

The Ramblers family is made up of our dedicated volunteers and trustees and our passionate staff. Meet some of the team and find out why they love walking.

Our history

Behold Ye Ramblers

Since 1935 we've worked to protect and expand the places where we walk as well as bring walking to new audiences. Read about our key achievements and milestones.

Our finances

Annual report and accounts

Discover how we raise and spend our funds and read our annual report and accounts.

Governance review

A walk in the hills

A group of volunteers have been discussing ways to improve the way the Ramblers is managed and operates.

Charitable objectives

Find out what we seek to achieve as Britain's walking charity.

Our impact as a charity

Find out about what we've achieved recently with the help of our members, volunteers and supporters.

Impact Report

Having trouble downloading the Impact Report? Right click and choose 'Save link as' and then open the document when it has been saved to your PC.
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