General Council 2018

Bangor pier



General Council 2018 formal meeting papers Download (pdf)

Introduction to General Council (background information) Download (pdf)


12 Dec

General council 2018 webpage launched.

26 Jan

Registration opens, including information about fees for visitors.

10 Feb

Deadline for receipt of constitutional motions.

24 Feb

Deadline for receipt of all other motions.
NB To ease staff workload in the busy period of preparation for the general council meeting it would be greatly appreciated these motions could be submitted by 17 February. However, in accordance with our standing orders, motions received by 24 February will be accepted for consideration by the agenda committee.

Deadline for receipt of nomination forms (trustees, officers, agenda committee members).

Deadline for registration.

26 Feb

Agenda committee meets to consider the motions received.

6 March

Motions (and background notes) circulated for discussion at area and group level to enable general council members to form an initial position.

16 March

General council papers dispatched to delegates (electronically for those opting out of a paper copy).

3 April

Deadline for receipt of amendments to motions from general council members, areas or affiliated national organisations and receipt of appeals against alterations to motions from originators of motions.