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About our groups

Our roots go back to the local rambling groups and walking clubs which sprung up in the late 19th century. Today there are nearly 500 Ramblers groups found across Britain from the West Cornwall (Penwith & Kerrier) Ramblers in the south to the Moray Ramblers in the north, the Great Yarmouth Ramblers in the east to the Pembrokeshire Ramblers in the west.

Our groups organise walks throughout the year for Ramblers members and get involved with local walking festivals. Groups also campaign locally to promote walking and protect and expand the places we walk and many groups in England and Wales also carry out practical footpath maintenance.

Groups are usually defined by a geographical area such as a town or local district, but we also have a number of groups specialising in shorter, easier walks or family-friendly walks as well as groups designed for walkers in specific age brackets including 20s-30s groups and groups for walkers in their 40s.

Ramblers groups are collected into around 50 “Areas” – often (but not always) based on counties – which help support volunteering work and coordinate walks programmes at local level. Areas can also send representatives to our annual General Council where they can help shape the way the Ramblers in run.

Joining a group

Joining one of our groups is the next step for anyone looking for the social atmosphere of walking with others, interested in getting involved with walking issues in their local area or keen to be part of the democratic process of running the Ramblers – Britain’s walking charity.

Going along on a few group walks is a great way to get to know a local Ramblers group and see if it’s right for you before joining. To find a group you can search by location using our Groups Finder, view our full list of groups or browse for a walk in our Group Walks Finder and see who is running it and how to meet up.

When you decide to join, you’ll be given a selection of groups to choose from based on your postcode but you can opt for another group if you prefer. Choosing a group doesn’t stop you from walking with other groups nearby or further afield and you can change your group at any time.

Changing your group

There are two ways to change your group. You can register online and once your account has been activated you'll be able to login and change your group, as well as your personal details, address, email address and contact preferences by updating your profile.

If you prefer you can contact the membership team on 0207 339 8595 or by emailing who’ll be able to allocate you to your new chosen group.

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