One Coast For All

One Coast For All

Campaign for the England Coast Path

People should be able to breathe in the sea air while freely following our beautiful and dramatic coastline. That’s why we’d love to see a complete path around England’s coast.

After years of campaigning by Ramblers across the country, we finally won the right for this path to exist in 2009.

We're working hard to create the best possible route for walkers. We won't stop until all of our coast is opened up for people to enjoy.

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What is the England Coast Path?

In 2009, after many years of campaigning led by the Ramblers, the public won the right to walk along the entire coast of England. The Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 calls on the government to create a continuous walking trail around the entire coast of England, with wider access to beaches and open land as appropriate along the route.

Who will benefit from the England Coast Path?

All of us! As citizens of an island nation, the British public is passionate about our coast – we’re drawn to it. The English coastline is an integral part of our natural heritage. Visits to the coast to enjoy nature, exercise, relax and take in the open views are extremely popular. An England Coast Path would bring health, economic and well-being benefits.

Can't we access the coastline and beaches already?

Not all of it, no. The extent and quality of public access to the coast in England is patchy - in fact about a third of the coast is off-limits to people.
Good quality access exists in some areas, but in others is confined to narrow cliff tops, or paths and roads which take visitors far inland, away from the sea. 

When will the England Coast Path be created?

Thanks to Ramblers lobbying, the Government recently announced that the entire England Coast Path will be open by 2020.

The first stretch was opened in Weymouth in June 2012 and work on the trail is taking place in some parts of the country - Cumbria, Durham, Kent, Norfolk and Somerset.

How much will the England Coast Path cost?

The England Coast Path will bring huge economic benefits and it only costs £1 a metre to build.

The South West Coast Path (on which the English Coastal Path will be based) generates £307 million a year for the local economy and supports 7,500 jobs.

The England Coast Path would give a much needed boost to our coastal communities - some of which are among the most economically deprived in England.

Why the One Coast For All campaign?

The Ramblers believe that people want and deserve better access to their natural heritage, and they should not have to wait another generation for it. The government has a unique opportunity to give something of genuine, lasting value to the nation and to show it is truly committed to being the 'greenest Government ever'.

What is the situation in Wales and Scotland?

Walkers in Scotland won a right to enjoy the coast in 2003 thanks to the Land Reform Act, which made Scotland one of the most walking friendly countries in Europe.

Wales became the first country in the world with a complete path around it’s coastline when the Wales Coast Path opened in May 2012. Ramblers Cymru celebrated the opening of the path with the Big Welsh Coastal Walk

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The England Coast Path will boost coastal economies and help us improve our health – and it's cheap! Find out more about why the coast path makes sense for everyone.

What about the Isle of Wight?

Did you know, thanks to our hard working volunteers the Isle of Wight is now included in the England Coast Path?

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I’ve surveyed the entire Kent coastline to help the Ramblers One Coast For All campaign and get the best route for walkers.

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