The future of countryside access 

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU means that a replacement to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) needs to be developed - the replacement will be published this year (2018) in the form of the Agriculture Bill. Agricultural land makes up 70% of the UK, so the new policy will have a significant impact on the quality of our environment, our ability to access the countryside and the state of our path network.

Responsible access to the countryside has proven benefits for health and wellbeing, provides opportunities for the public to connect with the natural environment and allows for better understanding of the critical work of farmers. It is an important public good, and it is vital that measures to improve and enhance access are included in the agriculture bill.

The government launched a consultation on its proposals for the bill at the end of February 2018. We responded to the consultation, and produced a joint petition with the Open Spaces Society, the British Mountaineering Council, The British Horse Society and Cycling UK to help protect the future of countryside access.

Public access is a public good

The UK's departure from the EU means that a new agriculture policy needs to be developed. This is likely to have an impact on access to the countryside. Find out about the proposed policy.