The England Coast Path – the world’s longest continuous coastal trail – is an inspirational project born out of years of Ramblers’ campaigning.

Initially we helped to win the Marine and Coastal Access Act which made the coast path possible, when its funding was in doubt our members fought to keep it on track, and our volunteers across the country have been working tirelessly to walk, survey and map out the best route.  

The final trail will be almost 3,000 miles long, and it is more than just a path - for the first time it gives the right of access to open coast, it allows people to walk over access land to explore beaches and foreshores, right up to the water’s edge.

"What a wonderful thing: to walk the entire length of a country's coastline, to trace its every nook, cranny, cliff face, indent and estuary. How better to truly appreciate the shape - and soul - of a nation?"
Lonely Planet on the Wales Coast Path

It won’t just be walkers that will benefit from this landmark project; it is a legacy for the entire nation. The England Coast Path will increase tourism and boost rural economies, it will connect communities, allow us to rediscover our national heritage, and create opportunities for people to enjoy the simple pleasures of being by the seaside.

This summer, work will have started on all stretches of the England Coast Path - a major milestone on the way to it opening in 2020. There have been moments when its completion has been in doubt, so this is an exciting moment for us. To celebrate we are devoting our summer to all things coast! Join in and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Connecting the coast

How is each new stretch of the England Coast Path prepared, developed, proposed, determined and, ultimately, opened for walkers to enjoy?