Join us in responding to Welsh Government’s proposal on how we use the outdoors.

The way the Welsh outdoors is enjoyed by walkers, horse riders, cyclists and others could be about to change. We need to unite, and speak up for all walkers in Wales.

Welsh Government is consulting on various ways in which everyone uses and manages natural resources in Wales. Whether you live in Wales, or enjoy visiting our beautiful and varied landscapes, we need your help.

The proposal includes some long awaited changes for the better that we have been campaigning for along with our volunteers, members and partner organisations. We welcome Welsh Government extending access to coast and cliffs; a Welsh statutory code for responsible access; an all-Wales digitised definitive map; removing some restrictions on the use of open access land; and the removal of the 2026 cut-off date for historical paths to be recorded. We welcome these proposals whole heartedly.


Potential changes include the public rights of way network being opened for cyclists and horse riders.  We support opening up more of the countryside to more people, and there is undoubtedly room for everyone, but we are concerned that in some places, footpaths simply aren't suitable and it could be dangerous and damaging to allow shared use everywhere. Any changes to paths should be guided by local knowledge and path suitability, on a case by case situation.The full proposal from Welsh Government is available here. 


Welsh Government is consulting on all proposals until 30th September 2017. We want as many people as possible to join us in encouraging the many good changes, but challenging the one-size-fits-all approach to allowing other users on footpaths.


We need your voice to help our campaign. Whether you live in Wales or enjoy visiting Wales regularly, help us influence our future as a truly world-class walking country.


Sign up here to get your voice heard.



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