Advice for walkers

We've put together lots of advice for walkers from how to get started for people new to walking to practical tips on safety and how walking can benefit your health to information on maps and how to navigate. We've also got a whole category dedicated to your legal rights to walk in Britain.

After reading this advice we hope you'll feel ready, able and inspired to get outside and go for a walk!


  • Walking gear reviews

    From jackets to GPS systems, base layers to backpacks, our Walk magazine experts review the latest walking gear.

  • Re-waterproofing walking gear

    How to keep walking boots, jackets, trousers, gaiters and rucksacks waterproof.

  • Footwear

    Advice on choosing the right footwear for walking.

  • How to look after your walking boots

    Cotswold Outdoor share their tips for keeping your walking boots in top condition, from how to remove mud and re-proofing to the best way to dry your boots. Read their step by step guide or watch a video.

  • Walking clothing

    Information about the best clothing to keep you warm, dry and comfortable when out walking.

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Getting going

  • Walking independently: Walking routes and resources

    If you’d prefer to walk on your own, or perhaps in a small group of family or friends, we’ve got lots of inspiring walking routes you can try as well as useful resources to get you going and help you carry on walking.

  • Getting the most from your walk

    One of the many great things about walking is that we don’t have to be taught how to do it. But it’s possible to get even more from your walk by improving your posture and walking technique, which will make you feel more comfortable, and adopting a brisker pace, good for your heart and lungs.

  • Top tips to stay motivated

    If you’ve started walking then you’ve already taken your first steps to a healthier, happier lifestyle. But it can be challenging to keep going sometimes, so we’ve put together some top tips to help you stay on track and make walking part of your everyday life.

  • Preventing illness

    Walking can help you on the road to recovery after periods of illness and can alleviate some of the symptoms of health conditions. But it isn't just about getting better. Walking can help prevent illnesses from developing in the first place.

  • Calculating walking pace

    How long you take to walk a specific distance, or how far you walk in a given time, will depend on a number of factors from your fitness level and the length of your stride to the number of stops you take to rest or enjoy your surroundings and any weight you’re carrying on you in a rucksack or backpack.

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Your right to walk

  • Things every walker should know about rights of way

    Do you know who's responsible for maintaining rights of way or how many miles of rights of way there are in England? Find out the answers.

  • Know your signs

    Find out how to tell a footpath from a bridleway, a National Trail acorn from other long-distance path symbols and more.

  • Types of paths in England and Wales

    Find out what constitutes a right of way in England and Wales and the different types of paths that exist.

  • Your right to roam

    Find out what is meant by a right to roam and the difference between access rights in England and Wales and those in Scotland.

  • Am I trespassing?

    Find out what trespassing means when walking in England and Wales.

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Walking and your health

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Maps, guides and navigation

  • Book and DVD reviews

    From guidebooks and maps to inspiring walking stories, our Walk magazine experts review the latest walking books and DVDs.

  • Map library

    Our extensive map library is free to use for members only and has the complete range of Ordnance Survey Explorer and Landranger maps.

  • Digital maps

    Information about using digital maps.

  • Harvey maps

  • Map reading

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  • Blisters

    Some helpful tips on preventing and treating blisters.

  • Food and drink

    Advice on keeping hydrated and maintaining your enegry levels when out walking.

  • Insects

    Advice on insects and how best to deal with bites and stings.

  • Introduction to first aid

    Information about guides, online resources and apps available for walkers interested in learning first aid.

  • Level crossings

    Advice for walkers when crossing a railway line using a level crossing.

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Detailed advice on rights of way and access issues and more from our experts.

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