What to wear and what to take with you when you go walking and tips on keeping your kit in good condition.

Walking gear reviews


From jackets to GPS systems, base layers to backpacks, our Walk magazine experts review the latest walking gear.

Re-waterproofing walking gear

Waterproof jacket

How to keep walking boots, jackets, trousers, gaiters and rucksacks waterproof.


Walking trainers

Advice on choosing the right footwear for walking.

How to look after your walking boots

Muddy boot

Cotswold Outdoor share their tips for keeping your walking boots in top condition, from how to remove mud and re-proofing to the best way to dry your boots. Read their step by step guide or watch a video.

Walking clothing

Walking clothing

Information about the best clothing to keep you warm, dry and comfortable when out walking.

Walking gear

Walking gear

Information on equipment every walker should have in their pack.

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