Maps, guides and navigation

Tips from our local groups on their favourite walks, advice on map reading and navigation and how to borrow maps from our map library.

Book and DVD reviews


From guidebooks and maps to inspiring walking stories, our Walk magazine experts review the latest walking books and DVDs.

Map library

Ordnance Survey maps

Our extensive map library is free to use for members only and has the complete range of Ordnance Survey Explorer and Landranger maps.

Digital maps

Google maps

Information about using digital maps.

Harvey maps

Harvey maps

Map reading

Map reading

Ordnance Survey maps


Planning a route

Route developer

Ramblers walking guides

Ramblers walking guides

Our volunteers are experts at creating great walking routes and regularly produce printed local walking guides.



With directions and route descriptions, routecards can take away the hassle of planning a walk.

Using a compass


Advice on how to use a compass.

Using a GPS device


Advice on using a GPS device when out walking.

Walking guidebooks


Calculating walking pace

Group walk

How long you take to walk a specific distance, or how far you walk in a given time, will depend on a number of factors from your fitness level and the length of your stride to the number of stops you take to rest or enjoy your surroundings and any weight you’re carrying on you in a rucksack or backpack.

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