Dorset 4050 Walkers

Group name: Dorset 4050 Walkers

This group is a part of Dorset Area.

Despite our group name, we really don't care what age you are; if you like walking with a friendly, relaxed, easy going group of people who occasionally socialize you're most welcome to join us.

Our aim is to provide a wide range of walks, at various paces and grades to cater for most if not all levels walkers. From time to time, we undertake walking weekends outside Dorset.   

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Autumn/ winter walking notes

Whilst daylight hours are short and winter is upon us, everyone is reminded that in addition to their usual equipment and precautionary checks to make sure that;

  • Your mobile is fully charged
  • You wear/ take;
    • a good pair of boots, waterproof jacket and trousers
    • thin layers of clothing are better than one thick layer
    • take a hat, gloves, and a scarf
    • wear reflective clothing
    • pack high energy snacks like flapjack, chocolate or dried fruit and nuts, and possibly a hot drink, to keep you going
    • a torch (check it's fully charged and working)
    • a whistle and compass.

Walk leaders are reminded to take particular care when planning the end time of their winter walks and (where possible) to have short cuts/ options in mind, should it be necessary.