Recent RoW changes

This page gathers recent information about work going on in Hertfordshire to enhance or alter the Rights of Way network.

In the latest edition of Stile, Footpath Secretary Ian Hardy reflected on the most effective way of resolving Rights of Way issues - via cooperation rather than conflict (see Stile June18).

Tyttenhanger Estate Success

Following the eight-year partnership-focused project which late last year finally delivered the resolution of long-standing rights of way blockages in parallel with significant extensions and improvements to the local rights of way network, the final legal niceties have now been put in place, resulting in full confirmation of all the changes.  At the same time, associated works have been carried out on the ground around the area, and all the necessary signing and waymarking is underway by Hertfordshire County Council.  The new improved network is open for business!

To celebrate, the North London and South Herts Group is leading an inaugural long walk of about 10-11 miles around the area on Sunday 22 July, with lunch at Willows Activity Farm.  We hope walkers will include representatives from the Tyttenhanger Estate, from Ramblers Central Office, and from the CMS and Rights of Way (CROW) Service at Hertfordshire County Council.

This detailed article explains the changes that created the new network, and these presentation slides give a pictorial view. It will be some time before the Definitive Map and the Ordnance Survey maps can been updated, but in the meantime, try using this summary OS map (printable copy of the one below) showing the new and altered routes. 

Level Crossing Closures in Herts: Network Rail are planning to close 8 level crossings in Hertfordshire. Herts CC described the plans for each crossing in Stile December 16 (PDF), with their comments on the orders in Stile June 17 (PDF).  David Glass described Ramblers' objections to some of the plans, and the efforts of volunteers (Stile Dec 17). The public inquiry has now been postponed to September 2018 - see Stile June 18 for an explanation of the form the inquiry will take.

New BSI standards for gaps, gates and stiles

Area member Chris has been heavily involved in the working group brought together to set new standards for gaps gates and stiles. Their aim is to provide as much access as possible including wheelchairs and pushchairs through easy to operate self closing gates. See a more detailed explanation of the new standards here.

Other Rights of Way News

New footpath confirmed in Knebworth Park PDF - Stile June 17

A Helpful Farmer  at Tollgate Farm, near Colney Heath, gives walkers an alternative to road walking. PDF – Stile June 16

Examples of Hertfordshire's CMS work to improve rights of way and green spaces, including work in Oughtonhead Common, Composers Park, Elstree and Bishop's Wood Country Park were described in Norman Jones' article - Stile June 16.

Hertfordshire Definitive Map changes

Changes to the Definitive Map are reported in each issue of Stile by the Herts CC Definitive Map team. These articles have been consolidated into a list of all the changes since the map was officially updated (in Dec 2015) and just the latest changes reported in Stile June 18. Many of these changes will already be visible on the on-line version of the map, updated every month.

Herts CC Recently Confirmed Orders

In the near future, this web page will be used to list recently confirmed orders for changes to the Rights of Way network. You can see the documents relating to these orders on the Hertfordshire website. This link takes you to an A to Z by parish of all documents relating to Rights of Way applications.