Group name: Stamford

This group is a part of Lincolnshire Area.

01780 755681

Our groups help local people enjoy walking and protect the places we all love to walk. Most groups organise regular walks led by local experts – a great way to get outside, make new friends and discover how walking boosts your health and happiness. You’re very welcome to try walking with us, or to get involved in looking after paths and green spaces and opening up new places to explore.

The Stamford group organises a comprehensive programme of walks, fortnightly on Sundays during the year up to approximately 11 miles, all within easy travelling distance of Stamford. The group is a friendly mixture of people from all backgrounds whose common interest is walking in the countryside. If you would like to give us a try, contact the group Chairman on 01780 755681 for more details and a copy of the local programme of walks. Country walking is the most popular outdoor recreation in Britian and in the countryside of Lincolnshire there is a need to protect the rights of way network. As well as walking to keep the footpaths open, we campaign and work to put things right on footpaths. As a member of the R.A. you will receive a programme of walks for all the other groups in Lincolnshire, a quarterly magazine and a comprehensive yearbook containing addresses of accommodation available in the U.K.