Walking with us

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The main objective of the programme is to help members enjoy walking. With this in mind, the committee would like to emphasise the following:-

INEXPERIENCED WALKERS: Walkers must check with the leader before coming on any grade of walk with which they are unaccustomed.  This applies where their inability to cope with conditions and maintain a reasonable walking pace can cause a problem for the leader, or affect the safety of the party.  In the interests of safety the leader may refuse to lead anyone whom he/she considers to be improperly equipped or unable to cope with the conditions. 

CONSIDERATION FOR OTHER WALKERS: As groups are usually made up of members of varying walking ability, please consider those at the back of the party.  LEADERS, especially, are reminded that they must set and control the pace of the walk to reflect these differing abilities and MUST NOT ALLOW THE PACE TO BE DICTATED BY ANY MEMBERS OF THE PARTY WHO MAY TEND TO FORCE THE PACE.

EQUIPMENT/WHAT TO BRING:  Warm, waterproof clothing and strong footwear should be taken. Walking boots are essential on Grade A+ and A walks and desirable on all walks. Be prepared for changeable weather conditions. JEANS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.

On full day walks (Wednesdays and Sundays) a drink, a snack and a packed lunch should be taken. A flask of hot drink is recommended.

THE COUNTRY CODE:  Walkers are expected to observe the Country Code and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

THE RAMBLERS:  All those interested in walking are welcome to join us, but we would expect those taking part on a regular basis to join the Ramblers Association. Details are available from the Membership Secretary, Wendy C at 07909 643654.

ALTERATIONS TO A WALK: The leader(s) may change a walk because of adverse weather or ground conditions, or for any other good reason. 

INSURANCE:  Please note that neither the GROUP nor LEADERS of walks in the programme can accept liability for any accident which may occur on any walks. Personal Accident Insurance for ramblers and members is available from:  British Mountaineering Council Services Ltd, Crawford House, Precinct Centre, Bridge Street East, Manchester M13 9RZ

All sporting and leisure activities have inherent hazards associated with them and rambling is no exception. In spite of the safety of walkers always being of paramount importance, accidents will occasionally occur. It is important, therefore, that when entering into the activity, each member appreciates that he/she has a responsibility to identify the hazards associated with the activity and take all responsible steps to eliminate or minimise the potential for an accident to arise.

SMOKING: We ask walkers who smoke not to do so at the inconvenience or annoyance of other members.

ACCESS PROBLEMS: Walkers encountering any problems/issues with Footpaths or Access, please report this to a Committee Member.  Or alternatively you can contact Ian Jarvis (email: ian.jarvis@icloud.com) who will be happy to contact the relevant Authorities on your behalf.

SUGGESTION FOR WALKS: These are welcome at any time, not only when a new walk programme is being prepared.

SOCIAL EVENINGS / MIDWEEK AND WEEKEND WALKING BREAKS:  Up to date information will appear in the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle, and also on our website www.ckramblers.org.uk and also this Website.