Heritage Way

Tyne and Wear Heritage Way

The Heritage Way is a route of about 80 miles which travels around the edges of the former Tyne and Wear Metropolitan District.  It is divided into 9 sections, each averaging about 9 miles in length.  The starting and finishing points of each section are accessible by public transport. The route is designed to visit many places of historic interest, particularly those associated with the rich industrial heritage of the area. 

The Heritage Way was originally set up during the 1980s but when Tyne and Wear was disbanded, it was no longer the responsibility of any one local authority so it rapidly deteriorated.  Work by a keen group of Northumbria Ramblers has been undertaken during the past few years to bring it back into use. 

It is hoped that The Heritage Way can be opened in 2018.  Work is progressing steadily.  However, there is still plenty to do before launching the route officially, so if you are reading this and would like to offer help, please contact judithtaylor406@gmail.com