Group name: Nottingham

This group is a part of Nottinghamshire Area.

Our activities include:
Family-friendly walks, Path maintenance, Short and easy walks, Groups aimed at people in their 20s and 30s, Groups aimed at people in their 40s

Nottingham is a large, but friendly group, which has a wide selection of walks on various days of the week and catering for all abilities. We are always keen to encourage new walkers and prospective members to our group . . .

We walk every Sunday. One week a private coach takes us to Derbyshire, the next Sunday we walk locally. Our local walks usually use public transport. On the private coach there will usually be four walks to choose from which cater for all abilities and range from 4-5 miles up to 13 miles.

Two times a month we walk on a Wednesday, again using public transport.

Once a month, on a Saturday, we have an A+ walk that is a litttle more challenging (up to 20 miles) and for these walks we excourage car sharing.

Also once a month, on a Saturday, we organise a short walk (4-5 miles), using public transport and usually with the option of a meal at the end.

As a group we also organise evenings out, meals, quiz nights, treasure hunts, walking weekends, etc.