Dearne Valley Group Photos

You can see a large collection of photographs from Dearne Valley Group's Walks and Social Events by following this link: You may need to register for a Flickr/Yahoo account in order to see the pictures. However this is very easy and completely free. People not wishing to register for such an account can try this link instead  Ifyou would like any pictures that you take on walks etc adding to our collection, please email them to Chris Greig at

This picture shows our Chairman, Nigel Hebden about to cut the cake at our 20th Birthday Party in March 2016.

Many thanks to Chris Greig, John Watson and other happy snappers for their work in maintaining our photo archive.

Please note that some photos taken while on our walks may be used to publicise the group on the internet and in the local and national press. If you don't wish to be photographed, please make your wishes known to the photographer, and to Chris Greig.