Group name: Sandwell

This group is a part of Staffordshire Area.

0121 456 1673

A warm welcome to the Sandwell group. We pride ourselves on being both friendly and culturally diverse.










We are exploring new ways of offering different grades of walk and social events to suit all tastes. You are very welcome to try walking with us and help us out wherever your talents lie. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions and suggest ways that we can improve your experiences with us.










Walking is an excellent natural exercise that can help you stay healthy and live longer.

Mist, Woodland and Long Shadows. Photo by Fred.

No special gear is needed to walk with us; just stout footwear, a waterproof jacket and something to carry a drink and snack.










At the moment, we try to offer a full day’s walk on Sunday and a shorter walk during the week where possible. We depend on what you and our partners can offer us. Please come along and experience the warmth and good humour of our group!