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Pigeonhouse Bridge (Woking FP83 / Ockham FP5) 

This bridge, over the River Wey near Ockham Mill, has been removed and the path remains closed by a Traffic Regulation Order. Surrey County Council don’t have funding for a new bridge, but may just possibly have a suitable reclaimed one in future, but this is yet to be confirmed.
Meanwhile the Ramblers are exploring legal processes to put pressure on SCC to sort the situation out and re-open this popular path.

Woking FP42 / Send FP61

This path from the Wey Navigation to Send Church which the Woking group have used a few times during the past year. There is no problem on the Woking path but after the path crosses the bridge over the River Wey into Send parish (Guildford Borough) the path has eroded away into the river. It has been closed before by Traffic Regulation Order, but further erosion has occurred and it is now closed again by another TRO.
There is another lengthy official alternative route.

Byfleet FP129 / Wisley FP3 (part) / Wisley FP566 

A Definitive Map Modification Order was made by Surrey County Council in July 2016 to upgrade this route to bridleway status. The upgrade had been sought on the grounds it would provide a new means for cyclists to cross the M25 without going miles round in either direction, and a useful link for them between Byfleet and Wisley village.
Surrey Ramblers agreed in principle not to object as it was thought the route was wide enough throughout and there would be no detriment to walkers. However, some other people have objected and at the very end of November 2017, notification was received of a public inquiry to be held in Woking in May 2018.
The papers show that in the current definitive statement for Wisley FP3 there is a record of a footbridge only 18 inches wide – neither Woking Ramblers nor the Ramblers Guildford group footpath secretary can recall such a narrow bridge. We will double-check long before the inquiry.

West End FP122 

This path between Dingley Dell Nursery and Halebourne House is in Surrey Heath Borough. We reported a rickety and potentially dangerous “bridge” (rotting branches topped by a metal bedframe) to SCC after doing a ramble survey three weeks ago.
We later discovered that the work had been done as a volunteer path maintenance task for SCC by Surrey Heath group (many thanks to them). The moral is that SCC do sometimes take prompt action on path problem reports.

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