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Group name: Keighley

This group is a part of West Riding Area.

01535 655524


Come and share our love of walking.

We are a small group of local people who like nothing better than to explore the lovely moors and dales around Yorkshire in sociable company. That is why we joined the Ramblers. Every week of the year they provide great walks for people to enjoy with the security that group walking brings.  All you have to do is turn up.

We also joined the Ramblers because they have been at the heart of all campaigns to improve access to the countryside since they were formed.  As a result this country has one of the best public footpath networks in the world.  Campaigning to improve access to our lovely countryside costs money, and as Britain's largest walking charity the Ramblers need all the financial support they can get, so that's another reason why we became members.

We are always pleased to welcome new members who like a good walk in lovely countryside.  You can improve your fitness, make friends, and be shown lots of local walks you perhaps didn't even know existed!