Festival FAQ

Who are People’s Postcode Lottery?

People's Postcode Lottery manages society lotteries on behalf of a range of charitable bodies. These lotteries support charities and good causes. Players play with their postcodes to win cash prizes while raising money for charities and good causes. A minimum of 30% of the ticket price goes to supporting charities, including the Ramblers. See here for our partnership.

What happened during Walk About 2016?

Walk About was our biggest ever walking festival and was supported by the players of People’s Postcode Lottery (PPL). The festival saw thousands of people joining 1,827 group walks covering a staggering 14,835 miles across Britain, that's over 1,097,790 calories burned – the equivalent of over 15,000 digestive biscuits!

What are the plans for walking festivals in 2017 and 2018?

The PPL award will help us showcase our walking activities through GB-wide festivals: Festival of Winter Walks and Walk About. Players will support the long-running Festival of Winter Walks to make it even bigger and better. Walk About will also become an annual event in the Ramblers calendar from 2018. These festivals will help us attract new people to discover the joys and benefits of walking and to keep walking with the Ramblers.

When is Festival of Winter Walks this year?

Festival of Winter Walks 2017-18 will take place from Saturday 23 December 2017 – Sunday 7 January 2018.

Why is there no Walk About festival this year?

One piece of consistent feedback about Walk About 2016 was the relatively short lead-time. To allow for plenty of preparation time, Walk About will take place next in spring 2018 and will become an annual event in the Ramblers calendar. 

Holding Walk About in late spring will mean we benefit from longer days at a time of year when the countryside is bursting into life: great for anyone who has let lapse their New Year’s resolution to walk more often.


What is the online tracker?

To help get people started and keep them motivated, we have introduced a free online tracker, which allows participants to log their walking activity. Designed to suit both the seasoned walker and someone taking their first steps, there are lots of badges and rewards for walking regularly, completing long distances and reaching particular milestones. The tracker has been hugely popular. You can see how many miles have been logged to date on the top right of the PPL partnership page. The tracker is available through www.ramblers.org.uk/walkabout

Who should I contact to find out more?

The GB delivery team (Rebekkah, George, James and Anna) provide support to all group volunteers on a variety of walking services including Ramblers festivals. 

Please email volunteersupport@ramblers.zendesk.com and the right person will get in touch with you.

What’s happening to Big Welsh Walk?

Big Welsh Hinterland Walk will take place on 6 May 2017 as part of Wales Year of Legends.