Wild garlic

Wild Food Spring 2013

03 March 2013 by Sheila Spence

As Spring approaches the first sign of the impending abundance wild food is often Wild Garlic. Lime flowers are usually found later in the Spring, and can be used in soothing herbal tisanes.

Phil Pickin

Signs of spring

03 March 2013 by Phil Pickin

For many people spring is a favorite time of year - new growth gives the countryside a fresh green hue and new life evident almost everywhere you look!

Brian Jones

Spring Stars

03 March 2013 by Brian Jones

Although not particularly bright, Polaris lies in an area of sky devoid of bright stars and therefore stands out quite well.


Seashore foraging

12 December 2012 by Sheila Spence

If you are walking by the shore this winter look out for the small shellfish locally available; cockles, mussels , winkles and the lovely long razor clams can be enjoyed throughout the winter months; they all have an ‘r’ in them.

Phil Pickin

Winter tracks

12 December 2012 by Phil Pickin

Winter can sometimes be thought of as a quiet and uninteresting time of year when it comes to wildlife, but there is more out there than you might think – it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for.

Brian Jones

Wintry skies

12 December 2012 by Brian Jones

The winter night sky contains a large number of brilliant stars, making it easier to pick out the various star patterns.

Paul Stancliffe

A Waxwing winter

12 December 2012 by Paul Stancliffe

As the weather turns colder the thoughts of many a birdwatcher turn to those birds that live to the north and east of the UK – birds from northern Scandinavia, north-western Russia and Eastern Europe.

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