Phil Pickin

Phil Pickin 

Born and brought up in rural Shropshire, I’ve been interested in wildlife, and the environment we share, all my life. This interest increased when I discovered photography and this in turn led to a career as a photographer and latterly a writer.

Now living in south Shropshire, on the Long Mynd, I’m right in the heart of walking country and surrounded by a wide range of wildlife, much of which becomes subject matter for my work. My work includes highlighting campaigns that both interest me and which help to protect our fragile environment. After all, without it what have we got?

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For peat’s sake

12 January 2018 by Phil Pickin

Peatlands alleviate flooding, store carbon and are home to a range of wildlife. Phil Pickin discusses the restoration of these areas and best places to walk.


Thorny Issues

25 August 2017 by Phil Pickin

Journalist and photographer Phil Pickin discusses the downsides and redeeming qualities of the humble bramble.

Wild and free

25 May 2017 by Phil Pickin

Although they’ve been out and about since spring, it’s during the summer months that we notice the butterflies.


Nothing says ‘spring’ like flowers

24 February 2017 by Phil Pickin

With the hours of daylight lengthening and the weather turning just that little bit warmer, it can only mean one thing – spring is on its way.

Have a wild winter

Have a wild winter

05 December 2016 by Phil Pickin

Although it may not be the best weather for getting out and about, cold, crisp days are a great time to get outside. What could be better than a frost-covered landscape seen against a clear blue sky?

Natural order

06 October 2016 by Phil Pickin

Phil Pickin looks at climate change and its effects on nature.

Looking over to Craig Wen and Craig Lwyd

Go wild outdoors

06 June 2016 by Phil Pickin

Phil Pickin tells us why we should be going wild over the summer months – even if it’s only in our back garden

Spring blossom

Has spring already sprung?

01 March 2016 by Phil Pickin

Phil Pickin asks whether winter ever really happened, looks at how climate change affects wildlife and reveals the telltale signs of spring...

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I’ve been interested in wildlife and the environment all my life... after all, without it what have we got?

Phil Pickin