A note from our director on safeguarding and equalities

Who should be able to access the pleasures of walking? From the Kinder Trespass to our latest 10-year strategy, the Ramblers’ view has always been clear: everyone.

However, we know many people still face potential barriers. That’s why I’ve been pleased to help Ramblers Scotland take our first steps towards achieving the first level of the Equality Standard for Sport. This is important for Ramblers Scotland; not just as it helps us meet legal obligations and secure continued sportscotland funding, but also because we’ve always wanted walking to be for everyone. If you’d like to know more, have a read of our equalities statement and our new equalities & diversity policy.

We have also taken steps to update our guidelines and procedures for safeguarding children. Most groups seldom see children on their walks, but it is very important that we recognise that we do take on some additional responsibilities when we welcome children to join us alongside their parents, grandparents or carers. That’s why we’ve updated our processes and procedures for safeguarding children in Scotland. We’re contacting Scottish groups that we know regularly walk with children and young people to talk about how best to use the toolkit.

I realise groups already have a huge amount on, but as I’ve worked on these issues I’ve found it has made me think again about how we can get everybody walking. That can only be a good thing. 

Brendan Paddy
Ramblers Scotland director