Join us in saying #ThanksForThePath


As part of our exciting new Out There campaign, we’re holding a week-long #ThanksForThePath social media celebration – starting on Wednesday 27 September. 

Across Scotland, a huge range of amazing people and groups – from volunteers, communities and charities to access authorities and landowners – are working hard to improve the nation’s path network. 

By creating, maintaining and promoting paths, they’re connecting communities, getting more people active, and helping all of us get out there to enjoy Scotland’s amazing landscapes – and make the most of our access rights.

We’d love you to join us in saying thanks to all the amazing people and groups helping improve Scotland’s path network – by sharing your favourite Scottish trails on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the #ThanksForThePath hashtag between Wednesday 27 September and Wednesday 4 October. 

We’ll do our utmost to pass your praise to the people behind the path – and also use your messages to highlight the importance of continued investment in Scotland’s paths. 

We’re especially keen to hear about walking routes that have been created, improved or promoted in an exciting way. 

When saying #ThanksForThePath, try to let us know where you were, what made it special about it, and why you think others should give it a go!

Our Out There campaign will include a wide range of activities over the coming few years to celebrate and protect Scotland’s world-class access rights and amazing landscapes. To learn more, click here