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Borders Abbeys Way

Borders Abbeys Way

21 November 2017

Author: Neil Mackay
Publisher: Rucksack Readers
Price: £12.99

Campaigners in the Scottish Borders are currently making the case for the area to become Scotland’s third national park, highlighting the mix of...

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Secret creek

Secret Creek

24 February 2015

Author: Graham Ross
Price: £7.50

An affectionate and highly individual portrait of "one of Britain's last wild places" - a tiny enclave of the backwaters of Essex, amid the tucked away...

Footsteps in summer

Footsteps in Summer

24 February 2015

Author: Russell George
Publisher: Troubadour Publishing
Price: £9.99

With early retirement beckoning, Russell George decided to embark on a solo 950-mile walk from John o'Groats to Land's End to raise money for Cancer Research...

That mighty heart

That Mighty Heart

24 February 2015

Author: John Elinger & Katherine Shock
Publisher: Signal Books
Price: £14.99

Visions of London Poems by John Elinger, illustrations by Katherine Shock Seven walks around the capital are presented in a very different but highly...

Suffolk coast walk

Suffolk Coast Walk

24 February 2015

Author: Peter Caton
Price: £9.99

This enjoyable book is a well-crafted combination of travel writing with a practical guidebook. The author records his journey from Norfolk to Essex along...

Beyond the Horizon front cover

Beyond the Horizon

28 November 2014

Author: Richard Parks
Publisher: Sphere Books
Price: £18.99

The former Welsh rugby international,Richard Parks, took his love of sport and physical adventure to a new level, setting himself the ‘737...

Scotlands Islands front cover

Scotland’s Islands: A Special Kind of Freedom

28 November 2014

Author: Richard Clubley
Publisher: Luath Press Limited
Price: £9.99

Not so much a guidebook as a series of experiences from a lifetime visiting more than 60 Scottish islands. From Ailsa Craig to Shetland, Mingulay to St...

The Splendour of the Tree front cover

The Splendour of the Tree

28 November 2014

Author: Frances Lincoln
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Price: £25.00

Cultural theorist Stephen Greenblatt based his career on the wonder of objects – the idea that they are loaded with the historical forces that shaped...

Walking The Retreat cover shot

Walking the Retreat

26 August 2014

Author: Terry Cudbird
Publisher: Signal Books
Price: £12.99

After the Battle of the Marne, in September 1914, more than a million French and British soldiers were forced to retreat on foot from Belgium. They marched...