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Borders Abbeys Way

Borders Abbeys Way

21 November 2017

Author: Neil Mackay
Publisher: Rucksack Readers
Price: £12.99

Campaigners in the Scottish Borders are currently making the case for the area to become Scotland’s third national park, highlighting the mix of...

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Tweet of the Day

Tweet of the Day

29 May 2014

Author: Brett Westwood and Stephen Moss
Publisher: Saltyard Books
Price: £25

I’ve always secretly wanted to be a twitcher. What’s that ‘hoo-it’, you’d ask. Why, the call of the redstart, I’d say. In...

DWG Berks

Berkshire: A Dog Walker's Guide

29 May 2014

Author: Ruth Paley
Publisher: Countryside Books
Price: £7.95

A colourful, easy to use guide to walking with your dog in Berkshire, this book takes you to locations like Upper Lambourn, Newbury, Wildmoor Heath and...

Making Tracks

Making Tracks in Mytholmroyd

29 May 2014

Author: Designed and illustrated by Jo Poyser for Mytholmroyd Walkers’ Action
Price: £1.50

This is a lovely and highly original walks booklet designed for children to explore the Mytholmroyd area of Calderdale in West Yorkshire. There are six easy...

Wey Navigation

Walking the River Wey and Godalming Navigations End to End

29 May 2014

Author: John N. Merrill
Publisher: The John Merrill Foundation
Price: £7.95

John Merrill’s guide to this 23.5-mile walk in Surrey is full of photos and notes, describing the route from Shepperton on the River Thames via...

Walking in Essex book

Walking in Essex

27 February 2014

Author: Peter Aylmer
Publisher: Cicerone
Price: £12.95

Another reliable county title from Cicerone, this time to the quiet and surprisingly diverse pleasures of Essex. From Epping Forest and the Lea Valley to the...

Coast to Coast book

A Coast to Coast Route Guide

27 February 2014

Author: Tony and Chris Grogan
Publisher: Skyware Ltd
Price: £9.99

A slim, pocket-size guide to Wainwright's Coast to Coast walk which depicts the popular route via a series of large-scale colour strip maps, all very clearly...

Nature's Peace book

Nature's Peace: A Celebration of Scotland's Watershed

27 February 2014

Author: Peter Wright
Publisher: Luath Press
Price: £16.99

This imaginative new title takes the reader on a journey along the "spine" of Scotland, 745 miles from the Borders ('the Reiver March') all the way north to...

Explore Bristol book

Explore Bristol

27 February 2014

Author: Julia Killingback and Michael Pascoe
Publisher: Tangent Books
Price: £7.99

The first two books from new Bristol-based publishing venture ExploreWalks UK present family-friendly walking routes around the Clifton area of the city. The...