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Kent Coast Path guidebook

Kent Ramblers Guide to the Kent Coast Path

07 July 2017

Author: Robert Peel and Peter Smith
Publisher: Kent Ramblers
Price: £7.50

Known as the ‘garden of England’, Kent’s pastoral landscape is rightly celebrated – but that doesn’t mean that its superb...

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Wild Guide Southern and Eastern England

Wild Guide: Southern and Eastern England

26 August 2015

Publisher: Wild Things Publishing
Price: £15.99

Fancy playing poohsticks at Pooh Bear’s ‘real’ Poohsticks Bridge in Hartfield, or buying fish from Brinkley’s Fish Shed on Orford...

Field Guide to Invasive Plants Animals

Field Guide to Invasive Plants and Animals in Britain

26 August 2015

Publisher: Bloomsbury

The impact of invasive species on British landscapes, habitats and ecosystems continues – rightly – to garner column inches in the media. Despite...

The Walkers Handbook

The Walker's Handbook

26 August 2015

Author: Hugh Westacott
Publisher: Footpath Publications

This hefty tome certainly has everything you need to know about walking in the British Isles. I’d have liked a bit more on the delights of walking,...

Great Waterways Journeys

Great Waterways Journeys

26 August 2015

Author: Derek Pratt
Publisher: Adlard Coles
Price: £16.99

Tired of mountainous, inland hiking? Take the scenic, waterway route. As a photographer and specialist writer, Pratt has been involved with waterways for...

The Compleat Trespasser

The Compleat Trespasser

26 August 2015

Author: John Bainbridge
Publisher: Fellside Books
Price: £5.80

On a vagabonding tour through Britain’s most delightful countryside and forbidden tracts, Bainbridge charts the history of access and assesses the...

Field Notes from the Edge

Field Notes From The Edge

26 August 2015

Author: Paul Evans
Publisher: Rider Books
Price: £14.99

The half-hidden fascinates Paul Evans. As a writer, broadcaster and gardener, Evans believes that ‘life leaks from the cracks’, and this interest...

Wild Coast

Wild Coast

26 August 2015

Author: Marianne Taylor
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Price: £20

Nowhere in Britain is more than 113 kilometres from the coast, resulting in a strong connection. According to Wild Coast, research indicates that most...

At Night

At Night: A Journey Round Britain from Dusk to Dawn

26 August 2015

Author: Dixe Wills
Publisher: AA Publishing
Price: £16.99

At Night is a charismatic evocation of what it is to be awake while the rest of the world sleeps. Wills strides out across moorland, island, forest and...