Interviews and opinion

Christine Maher

My Walk of Life: I fell hard for walking

Artist and Cheshire Rambler Christine Maher refused to let a terrifying accident put her off walking. In fact, it spurred her on to conquer ever more challenging terrain.

George Monbiot

Walk and Talk with George Monbiot

With the publication of his book, Feral, last year, environmental journalist George Monbiot emerged as one of the strongest voices in favour of rewilding Britain’s landscapes. We walked with him in the foothills of the Cambrian Mountains to find out why he calls the area a desert, and why he thinks Britain should once again be the domain of wolves, bears and bison.

Ian Rigby

My Walk of Life: Walking helped me beat cancer

After being diagnosed with advanced-stage cancer, retired headteacher Ian Rigby turned to walking to help him with his recovery. Now he leads walks and tells everyone how it saved his life. Kerry Harden meets him.

Walk in the woods

Top 10 tips for lobbying your local MP

With the general election just over a year away, we're ramping up our campaign on Westminster, taking more MPs out on walks and launching a manifesto to ensure the concerns of walkers are in the minds of any future Government. But we need your help, so we've come up with ten top tips for lobbying your local MP.

John Griffiths

Walk and Talk with John Griffiths

The Welsh Government has big ambitions for its great outdoors and is reviewing legislation around footpaths and public access. It has already hinted that change is on the way, using words like ‘outdated’, ‘disjointed’ and ‘burdensome’ to describe the existing system. To find out more, Walk's Julian Rollins met the man overseeing the review, John Griffiths, Wales’ Minister for Culture and Sport.