Mountain Method Double Ventile smock

Walk rating

25 May 2017

Price: £420

+ This traditional Double Ventile cotton smock features a large chest pocket, front storm flap, two pockets and an adjustable waist and hood. Pockets and zips can be altered according to preference, making this a truly bespoke garment. In the hills it is durable, breathable and comfortable, with none of the crisp-packet rustle you get from synthetic fabrics.

- This is a heavy and somewhat bulky garment – it’s not something you’d want to carry in your pack! Ventile is very windproof, highly breathable and fairly weatherproof, so works well in cool, drizzly conditions. However, if it wets out in prolonged rain it becomes saturated and heavy.

VERDICT: Hailing from Millom in rainy Cumbria, Mountain Method is a family-owned business making high-quality weatherproof clothing under the expert eye of owner Fiona Butcher. It’s great to see such heritage alive and well in Britain, but this does mean that the products are expensive. This is a vastly different type of garment from a modern waterproof shell, but it will suit a certain breed of walker.