Walking in the countryside can bring great enjoyment, whether wandering through fields and woods close to home, or hiking up in the heather-clad hills. These landscapes are often under threat from inappropriate development. As part of our charitable objectives, we work to protect the outdoor environment in the public interest, to maintain its health and sustainability for future generations to enjoy.


Rewilding as a concept gives us an opportunity to take a principled approach to land management in the wider public interest, but the support of a range of stakeholders is needed.

Deer fencing

Ramblers Scotland position on issues around deer fencing for walkers in Scotland.

National Parks in Scotland

A short history of National Parks in Scotland and the Ramblers Scotland position on establishing new parks.

Reintroductions of native species

We are generally supportive of the reintroduction of native species in Scotland, but this is on a case-by-case basis.

snowy hill

Wild Land

Some of our wildest and most beautiful areas have now been identified and given a greater measure of protection in planning, although threats still remain.

Renewable energy (Scotland)

Ramblers Scotland position on renewable energy in Scotland.