Why not try a short and easy group led walk?

More and more of our groups in Scotland are now organising short, gentle-paced, easy walks of 3-6 miles. Short walks are a great way to start walking and may appeal if you have limited free time or are unsure of your own ability.

The groups listed below offer a range of short walks, with something suitable for everyone. Walking with a group is a great way to get walking and keep walking - have a look and see if there is something in your area.

Clydesdale to Solway

Biggar Ramblers

Biggar Ramblers run short walks of 1.5-3 miles every month. The walks are over easy terrain with little ascent or decent and are at a slow pace. The group meet outside the fruit shop in Biggar at 9.30am on the second Tuesday in the month. Note these walks won’t run through December, January and February. 

More information: Biggar Ramblers website

South Lanarkshire Older Walkers

South Lanarkshire Older Walkers run a programme of short ramblers (3-5 miles) every second and fourth Friday each month. The walks last for 2-3 hours and are flat with minor ascents and descents, occasional steps. They leave in the morning, meeting times and places vary, check their website for details.

More information: SLOW Ramblers website

Moffat Ramblers

Moffat Ramblers have two short walking groups called Better 4 Walking. The longer short walks last for around two hours and the shorter walks last around 30/45 minutes. Both walks are every Wednesday and meet at the Hammerlands in Moffat at 10am.

Dumfries Ramblers

Dumfries Ramblers offer short evening walks during the summer months from May to August, alternate Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week. They also run half day walks once a month, usually in the morning which are 4-6 miles and are leisurely in pace.

More information: Dumfries Ramblers website.

Forth Valley, Fife & Tayside

Dalgety Bay Roamers

Dalgety Bay Roamers offer short 3-5 mile walks in the local area. All the walks are leisurely, involving little or only modest ascent although some do include unsurfaced rural paths. The walks take place on the second Thursday of each month starting from Dalgety Bay Library around 10am and are free. Full details of the walks can be viewed on the group web site.

Dundee Ramblers

Dundee Ramblers organise short walks of 3-6 miles monthly. The walks are generally over flat terrain and are suitable for newcomers. They are a very sociable group who welcome anyone to come and join in. Their walks are interesting and varied and are normally followed by a cafe stop. The group meets either at Douglas Cinema Car Park or Cine World Car Park at a pre-arranged time.

Glenrothes Strollers

Glenrothes Strollers are part of the Glenrothes Ramblers and offer weekly short walks, timed to last about 2-3 hours. Walks are within a 10 mile radius of the town and are led by friendly and informative walk leaders. The walks are every Thursday and leave at 10am from St Columba’s Church car park, Glenrothes.

More information: Glenrothes Ramblers website


Aberdeen Ramblers

Aberdeen Ramblers offer short walks every two weeks on a Sunday. It is the same location as the main Ramblers walk but is shorter in mileage covered and taken at a slower pace. These walks are used to introduce or reintroduce members and new members to walking and enjoying the countryside. A seat on the coach needs to be booked in advance for the outing.

More information: Aberdeen Ramblers website

Moray Ramblers

Moray Ramblers have a very vibrant walking by buses group. They arrange short walks, accessed by bus, every two weeks generally on a Tuesday and Saturday. The walks are 4-6 miles (2-3 hours) and are easy walks for everybody. Walks generally leave from Elgin Bus Station at a pre-arranged time. 

More information: Moray Ramblers website

Lothian & Borders

Coldstream Ramblers

Coldstream Ramblers run a short walk programme of 4-7 miles on the first Wednesday of every month. The walks are generally local and over easy terrain and generally last 2-3 hours. Walks leave from Castle Car Park in Coldsteam generally at 10am. 

More information: Coldstream Ramblers website

Edinburgh Ramblers

Edinburgh Ramblers have a group call The Stravaigers which run a programme of short walks from 2.5-5 miles in length roughly once a fortnight. The walks are varied in both rural and urban settings and are conducted at a leisurely pace. Walkers usually get to the start of their walks by public transport. The walks leave from a pre-arranged starting places so participants must phone the walk leader in advance for details.

More information:  Edinburgh Ramblers website 

Linlithgow Ramblers

Linlithgow Ramblers runs short walks on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Every Wednesday the programme includes at least one walk of Grade "C", i.e. not more than 6 miles (9.5km) in length, with minimal ascent – these leave from the car park behind the West port Hotel, Linlithgow normally at 10am.

In addition, once a month they run shorter walks of 3-4 miles (5-6.5km), again with minimal ascent. They leave from the same meeting place but generally departing at 10.30am. During the winter there is a Sunday afternoon local walk once a month of 3.5-5.5 miles, depending on the day length, which departs from Linlithgow Cross at 1pm.

More information:  Linlithgow Ramblers website

The Livingston Ramblers

The Livingston Ramblers have a group called the Wednesday Well Walking Group which organise walks on most Wednesdays meeting at 10am in the car park by St Andrew's Church, Deans, Livingston (unless otherwise stated). These are flat social walks, and are generally around 6-8 mile in length. Contact Judith on 01506 491559 if interested in attending.

More informattion:  Livingston Ramblers website

Musselburgh Ramblers

Musselburgh Ramblers organise short walks of 5-6 miles most months and are piloting short summer evening walks on a Wednesday evenings. All walks are over easy terrain, fairly flat, some are coastal and suitable for most people.

The walks start from Mall Avenue Car Park, near the Roman Bridge in Mussleburgh at 9am for day walks and 6pm for the evening walks. See Musselburgh group website for details and contact walk leaders beforehand. 

North Strathclyde

Cumbernauld and Kilsyth

Cumbernauld and Kilsyth organise walks on a Tuesday that are gentle-paced and usually about four miles long, taking around two hours. The walks are designed to be accessed by public transport and are suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.

More information: Cumbernauld & Kilsyth Ramblers website

Bearden and Milngavie

Bearden and Milngavie run two midweek short walk programmes. The main short walk programme is suitable for young and old, particularly those who have not attempted any organised walking before. They run on alternate Wednesdays and walk 2-4 miles, walks generally last about two hours. The group meets at Milngavie Community Centre at 10am. 

More information: Bearsden and Milngavie Ramblers website

The Wednesday Wanderers

The Wednesday Wanderers is more of an informal social group. The walks tend to be more varied and are 4-6 miles. The group meet every alternate Wednesday at Milngavie Tesco Car Park at 9.30am. Although leisurely, unlike the short walk programme, these walks are not suitable for those with severe mobility problems or severe health problems.

There is usually a car share or public transport.  Information about these walks can be found on the Bearsden and Milngavie website.

Renfrewshire, Cowal and Bute

Paisley Ramblers

Paisley Ramblers run short walks of 4-6 miles most Saturdays. These are easy leisurely walks with no styles and no hills that are suitable for everyone – the young, the old and those not sure of their own ability. The group meets at either 10am or 11am at a pre-arranged meeting place.

More information: Paisley Ramblers website

Inverclyde Ramblers

Inverclyde Ramblers run short taster walks of 3-8 miles every week. These are social walks suitable for everyone, especially those new to walking. The walks are adjusted to who’s there and what they want to do – people can take the bus back at various points along the walk and adjust the walk to a suitable length.

The group meets every Wednesday at 12.15 in the car park at Lunderston Bay, Gourock. The car pakr is just off A770 opposite Cardwell Garden in centre where the 901 bus service stops, they wait for the bus from Greenock before setting out.

More information: Inverclyde Ramblers website

Eastwood Ramblers

Eastwood Ramblers run short walks on the second Tuesday of every month at 1pm. These walks are around 3-4 miles and are taken at a gentle pace mainly on tarmac or hard packed surfaces. The walks are timed to be completed in around two or three hours. Uphill walking is kept to a minimum and the pace is adjusted to suit so nobody is left behind. Both ends of these linear walks are served by public transport.

More information: Eastwood Ramblers website

Isle of Bute Ramblers

Isle of Bute Ramblers organise regular short walks of 4-6 miles that are over easy to moderate terrain and are suitable for everyone. The walks generally last 2-3 hours. The group particularly welcomes new members and holidaymakers.

The group meets most Saturdays at The Discovery Centre at 10.00am although this can be subject to change. Walk schedules are available from the Discovery Centre and information on the walks can be obtained from either the walk schedule, the Walk Leader or their website at www.buteramblers.com.

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