Corporate membership

We now offer corporate membership packages. They’re a brilliant opportunity for your organisation to provide a healthy and sociable staff benefit whilst helping us to support the work that we do on behalf of all walkers across Britain every year.

We can design a group membership package to suit your organisation and can offer add-on group benefits such as route development, map and compass skills and walk leader training to give staff the confidence to plan and lead walks for their group.

If walking isn’t quite the activity you are staff are looking for, they could take the opportunity to get involved with local footpath maintenance projects instead - it’s rewarding and practical and makes a positive difference to their local community.

As a member of the Ramblers, your staff would also be entitled to join over 38,000 group led walks across Britain every year as well as receiving discretionary discounts from HF Holidays and Cotswold Outdoor.

If you’re interested in finding out more about corporate membership and the ways that we can work with you, just email us at with some ideas of what you’re looking for and we’ll build a membership package to suit you and your employees.

Cotswold Outdoor