Area and group web pages toolkit

All areas and groups now have their own editable pages on the Ramblers website. These pages provide a single place on the main website for information about all our areas and groups. They also provide a web presence for areas and groups that don’t manage their own sites.

Full instructions on how to edit the pages can be downloaded below.

Only volunteers who are recognised as local web page editors can edit the pages. If your area or group doesn’t already have a recognised editor, please decide who this should be and then do the following:

  • If your editor isn’t already registered, they should register an account on the Ramblers website. Use a personal email address, not one that might also be used by other volunteers or family members.
  • Email telling us the name of the editor, their membership number and postcode, the email address they’ve used to register, and the name of the area or group.

We’ll set up the account as soon as possible and let the editor know when this is done. Once registered, the local web page editor will see the necessary edit functions on their group's webpage(s)

Also on this page you'll find information about how best to set up an external website specifically for your area or group, and the guidelines you'll need to follow.

Area and group web pages guide for editors

Version 2.1 March 2015
Guide for area and group web page editors.

Area and group friendly urls

A list of all area and group web addresses beginning with

Web development update

Latest news and important announcements on major changes and improvements to the Ramblers website affecting area and group volunteers, including upgrades to online systems.

Area and group website guidance

Guidance on getting information about your area or group onto the web, including through an external area or group website.

Area Webmaster role description  (49.5 KB)

Find out what's involved in running an Area website.

Group Webmaster role description  (107.4 KB)

Find out what's involved in running a local group website.

Advertising guidelines  (81.8 KB)

Guidance on excluded advertising within Area and Group publications, newsletters, annual reports and websites.

Advice on achieving cookie compliance  (185 KB)

Steps to follow to achieve cookie compliance on Area and Group websites.

Data Protection Guidance 2016

Up to date guidance on the correct use of personal data

Volunteer role description local group webpage editor

Role description for local area or group webpage editors

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