Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults toolkit

This page covers our policy on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, with comprehensive guidelines for different groups of people involved with the Ramblers including the public, volunteers and staff.

The Ramblers works to make walking accessible to all, and to share its benefits with as wide a range of people as possible. At the same time we are committed to safeguarding the well-being of everyone who participates in Ramblers activities and will take every practical step to minimise the risk of harm, paying particular attention to the needs of those who are most vulnerable, including children and vulnerable adults. We are also committed to supporting fully our volunteers and staff in their work.

To assist in this, we have a comprehensive policy on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, with guidance notes aimed at a variety of different audiences involved in Ramblers activities, including ordinary participants, volunteers and staff.

You only need to read the guidelines appropriate to you.

For further information and enquiries on safeguarding, please contact

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults for walk leaders in areas and groups

Essential guidelines for walk leaders and other activity organisers in areas and groups who welcome children, young people (under 18) and vulnerable adults on their activities.

Ramblers Areas and Groups  (203.8 KB)

Read this if you organise activities for your Area or Group, especially if children or vulnerable adults are likely to participate.

Volunteers managed by staff  (197.7 KB)

Read this if your volunteering for staff-managed projects regularly brings you into contact with the public and participants in projects which may include children or vulnerable adults.

General public and Ramblers members  (84 KB)

Read this if you are a child, young person or vulnerable adult planning to attend a Ramblers walk or other activity, or if you are a parent, guardian or carer.

How to apply for a 15-17 Consent Card  (70.3 KB)

Read this if you would like a consent card for a 15-17 year old to attend Ramblers activities.

Full policy and guidance  (510.5 KB)

Read this if you are a partner or stakeholder or other person with a general interest in Ramblers’ general policy on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. The document also includes guidance for Ramblers staff.

Publicity consent form  (59.1 KB)

Use this form to obtain consent for publicity, photography, film and video use from participants in Ramblers activities.

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