Chris Packham
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Levison Wood
Lucy Shepherd
Winter walking skills
Hadrian's Wall Path
Chris Packham Walk and Talk interview

Walk and Talk with Chris Packham

The TV presenter and naturalist reflects on his new memoir and talks about the need to protect Britain’s wildlife and evolving attitudes to conservation.

Winter walking skills

Winter walking skills masterclass

Conditions in winter can vary enormously. Here's what to wear, carry and know when heading out this season.

Hadrian's Wall Path

The Big Walk: Hadrian's Wall Path

It divided the ancient world, but what relevance does it retain in the modern? Walk the heart of the Hadrian’s Wall Path and discover threads of history.

Levison Wood

My Perfect Day with Levison Wood

The TV presenter, explorer and photojournalist has walked the Himalayas and the entire length of the Nile, but reveals that his perfect day begins much closer to home.

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Gear on test: Winter essentials

Kit yourself out with our guide to winter hillwalking gear.
Bavaria, Germany

Destination: Bavaria, Germany

Searching for a seasonal Alpine adventure without the hard edges? Fairy-tale Füssen has snow-dusted forest trails, dreamlike mountain castles and unforgettable walks.

Gear test winter 2016

Gear on test: Insulated jackets

We test a range of jackets to keep you toasty when the mercury plummets. Read all the reviews here.

Lucy Shepherd

My Walk of Life with Lucy Shepherd

Lucy is a self-confessed ‘unlikely adventurer’, but underestimate her at your peril. She has explored the Arctic, the Andes, the Amazon and far-flung Patagonia – all by the age of 24.

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Read our winter blogs

From seasonal recipes to wildlife spotting, birdwatching to stargazing, read exclusive blogs from our experts that you won't find in the magazine.

Tangled Threads - green gear

Tangled Threads

Unravelling the ethical and environmental impacts of the outdoor clothing industry.

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