TAKE 30 paves the way for greater fitness and health

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On 31 January we launched TAKE 30, a campaign to support the four UK Chief Medical Officers’ recommendation that we should all be aiming to take at least 30 minutes of moderate activity five times a week. 

TAKE 30 supports GPs as they encourage their patients to be more active in the NHS Health Scotland-led pilot launched by the Minister of Commonwealth Games and Sport and endorsed by Dr Andrew Murray, the former Scottish Government physical activity champion.  

 “The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year provide an incredible opportunity to inspire people to be more active in their daily lives“ says Jeannie Cranfield, Games Legacy Officer for the Ramblers “but a profound cultural change is needed in Scotland if we are to improve the health of the nation.” 

"We believe this can be most easily achieved through spending more time walking and cycling for everyday journeys and for fun.  We need to motivate people to get up from their desks and walk about, get outside over their lunch break, get off the bus a few stops early, park the car 30 minutes’ walk away from the office and get the bike out of the garage” explains Jeannie.

As part of our TAKE 30 campaign we’ve developed a TAKE 30 guide to walking for health and wellbeing, to encourage more people to be more active in their daily lives. The TAKE 30 guide includes a 12-week individual walk programme to help anyone, wherever they live, to get started in increasing their physical activity levels. The programme is free to download from the TAKE 30 website.

"Walking is an excellent natural exercise that almost everyone can do,” says Jeannie. “It costs nothing and helps us stay fit and healthy. Everyone across Scotland should know they need to TAKE 30.  This simple message can have a positive impact.   We want to see the TAKE 30 message reinforced in health centres across the country, and people building physical activity into their everyday lives."

“I’d urge everyone to look at this resource and if it’s for you, get on and use it,” says Dr Andrew Murray voicing his support for TAKE 30.  “It’s providing a solution to a problem.  Health professionals including GPs, and practice nurses are increasingly aware that it’s almost always safe to get our patients to be more active and it’s significantly to their benefit.” 

Physical inactivity has cost the Scottish Economy about £660 million however getting people active can help to treat about 20 diseases. “Around 75% of people die now from preventable diseases” explains Murray. “Walking can help treat the majority of them – each step is a step to health.” 

“Everyone knows how to walk, it’s not difficult, and if we can get people walking regularly it will improve health and happiness” adds Dr Murray.  “We as health care professionals need to be offering our patients the very best, and physical activity is a first line treatment for many conditions.”

For more information about TAKE30 contact Jeannie Cranfield at Jeannie.Cranfield@ramblers.org.uk

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