Protecting the countryside

Read about our position on issues affecting the countryside including renewable energy, planning, off-road vehicles and the High Speed Rail (HS2) proposals.

High Speed Rail (HS2)

Ramblers position on the development of High Speed Rail (HS2) in England.

National Planning Policy Framework

Ramblers position on the National Planning Policy Framework in England.

Off-road vehicles on footpaths

Ramblers position on off-road vehicles on footpaths in England and Wales.


Ramblers position on fracking in England and Wales.

Solar energy (England)

Ramblers position on solar energy in England.

Renewable energy (Scotland)

Ramblers Scotland position on renewable energy in Scotland.

Renewable energy (Wales)

Ramblers Cymru guidance for the public and Ramblers members on our approach to renewable energy in Wales.

Windfarms and renewable energy (England)

Ramblers position on windfarms and renewable energy in England.

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