Board of trustees published minutes


We publish the minutes of board of trustee meetings immediately after they are approved, normally at the following meeting.


While the governing principle of the published minutes is one of openness and transparency, from time to time we need to exclude confidential information from the published minutes (unless otherwise already in the public domain), but this is always kept to the absolute minimum. Confidential items may include:

  • the appointment, promotion, dismissal and any other matters affecting the personnel affairs of individual members of the Ramblers, or individual members of staff;

  • personal information relating to individual members of the board of trustees;

  • commercially or legally sensitive information;

  • anything which the board, having consulted with the chief executive, deems to be of a confidential nature.

The board minutes are accessible to Ramblers members only. Please note that you must be logged in to access the minutes.

Published minutes