Ramblers Cymru Strategic Priorities 2019-22

The work of Ramblers Cymru (RC) up to 2026 is set out in its 10 Year Vision and Strategic Framework 2016-2026 document. 

Welsh Council Executive Committee (WCEC), with the initial support of an external facilitator, has been looking at where the focus should be for the next three years, the period 2019-2022.  It has taken into account the priorities expressed by Ramblers GB Business Plan and the RC staff team with Welsh Council Executive Committee (WCEC) in coming to the decisions as to where the focus should be.

WCEC looked at seven different areas: 

  • Campaigning on policy issues
  • Campaigning on people issues
  • Campaigning on projects
  • Volunteering
  • Membership
  • Communication
  • Finance

WCEC is well aware that these areas are interlinked and actions in one will inevitably have significant positive effects or repercussions in another.  

The emphasis has been on what should be the most important strategic priorities.  So, what is listed below is not a comprehensive list in order of importance but a naming of those priorities that are considered to be the most important.

A full version of the report is available at: Strategic Priorities 2019-21