Welsh Council and Welsh Council Executive Committee How We Operate

There is an Annual Meeting of Welsh Council (WC) to which delegates from Areas and Groups are nominated as specified in the Constitution of Ramblers Cymru (the Constitution). Officers of WC and members of the executive committee also attend plus guests from staff, the Board of Trustees (of Ramblers) and the membership in Wales. Sometimes, guests are invited from outside this list.

Welsh Council is the group of people who attend the Annual Meeting as delegates, plus those people voted into a role for WC. Generally, these people are the Welsh Council from one Annual Meeting until the next. (The Constitution defines some exceptions for Officers of WC.)

At the Annual Meeting, the Welsh Council Executive Committee (WCEC) report on the previous financial year, both formally (in terms of reports) and informally (in terms of discussions). Any formal motions are discussed and voted on, and if passed, are instructions to WCEC for the future (although in exceptional instances, these may be overruled).

Some guests (eg staff or Trustees) are also invited to give a report, or an address, to the meeting.

Officers of WC, members of WCEC and the President and Vice Presidents are voted for at this meeting, serving for the next year or for a period specified in the Constitution.

WCEC comprises six Officers of WC (President, Chair, two vice Chairs, Secretary and Treasurer) plus up to five other members, as specified in the Constitution. There are a list of skills and experiences that are thought to be of value for the committee and if there is a serious shortcoming, further members may be co-opted to overcome this. The Director Wales is included as a member of the committee to all intents and purposes, as the staff team contribute directly and significantly to the work of Ramblers Cymru.

The Welsh Council Executive Committee carry out the necessary business by meeting (face to face and by tele conference) and by digital and verbal exchange of information, ideas and comments, with formal decisions being made at routine or special meetings. 

Typically, there are five face to face, one day, meetings of the committee in a year plus tele conferences, but this may be varied. Occasionally, members will be encouraged to “overnight” prior to a meeting, to enable the team to mix in a more relaxed atmosphere and thus develop working relationships.

In addition, WCEC members are expected to attend the Annual Meeting of Welsh Council, which is normally over a day and a half.

An Agenda and papers are circulated prior to the meetings, and committee members are expected to read the papers, and carry out research if necessary, prior to meetings.

Meetings include reports, but these are written and circulated with the Agenda, so discussion only takes place to clarify some aspect of the report or to make a decision.

Minutes are written and normally circulated within 14 days of a meeting, together with a list of Actions agreed at the meeting.

From time to time, Task and Finish sub groups may be formed to look at, or deal with, a specific topic.

With digital communications, simple matters, or even more complex but urgent matters, can be dealt with by email, with views exchanged and even decisions taken if urgent. For some more significant items, a decision may need to be confirmed in a meeting.