Safeguarding at the Ramblers

Our measures to ensure individuals live free from abuse, harm and neglect.

What is safeguarding 

The Ramblers is committed to ensuring that children and adults are protected from both deliberate or accidental harm or abuse. We call this safeguarding. We have a specific set of policies and procedures that everyone is expected to follow. By doing this we will ensure that the Ramblers is a safe organisation.


Our commitment to safeguarding 

 The Ramblers is committed, and obligated, to protect those that are most vulnerable. So we have developed safeguarding procedures to promote the protection of all those people who engage in our activities, as well as staff members and volunteers within the Ramblers. When in contact with participants, the Ramblers takes responsibility for ensuring it is doing it can to protect such people by reporting all forms of harm, abuse, and poor safeguarding practice.

Our safeguarding policy and procedures will protect children, adults, and adults at risk, and may be used before any findings in criminal, civil or disciplinary proceedings are made.

The Ramblers is committed to ensuring the measures within our procedures are fully and effectively integrated into all the Ramblers' activities, and that they are subject to monitoring and review. We do this through making sure staff and volunteers receive regular training on their responsibilities and obligations under our procedures.


What to do if you have a concern 

If you have any concerns related to a safeguarding issue, please complete the safeguarding referral form or email the safeguarding team at

Find out more

View our safeguarding policy

View our safeguarding policy

The Ramblers takes its responsibilities for safeguarding extremely seriously. Read our policy here.

View our safeguarding procedure

View our safeguarding procedure

This procedure sets out the Ramblers approach to safeguarding for volunteers, members, staff, supporters, and anyone who attends our events or activities.

What happens when you raise a concern

What happens when you raise a concern

Read the simplified process of what happens if you contact us with a safeguarding concern.