Restarting Path Maintenance: Guidance for volunteers

Path Maintenance

If you want to get out to improve and maintain paths across England, Scotland and Wales, the resources on this page will explain what you need to know. 

Resources to help you plan path maintenance:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can I record my volunteer role on Assemble?

Send you name, role and group to Copy in your path team leader and let us know your membership number if you have one. 

Alternatively, path team leaders can also send a list of all the volunteers in the group to record everyone in one go.

Do we have to limit group size for path maintenance?

No, but you must assess the work site and limit numbers appropriately so there’s room for everyone to work safely.

Do we need to take a register?

We strongly recommend taking a register, in case it’s needed for NHS contact tracing. Explain to participants that their details may be shared for this purpose, keep records securely, and delete or destroy the register after 21 days. 

What if someone develops symptoms after a path maintenance work party?

Remind everyone that if they develop Covid-19 symptoms after taking part, they should get a test and support NHS contract tracing if requested, including letting them know they’ve recently taken part in a Ramblers group activity.
If contact tracers ask for the details of other people in the work party, they should either:
a) Contact the path maintenance team leader. 
b) Contact the Ramblers’ office. They can contact us at or on 020 3961 3180. 
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