Improve the path network

How to get a path properly maintained

Highway authorities are responsible for maintaining most rights of way. Where a highway authority fails to keep a right of way in a proper state of repair, you can use the law to oblige it to do so. We explain how.

How to get an obstruction removed from a right of way

If you've reported an obstruction on a right of way to the relevant council but no action has been taken, it might be time to consider using the law to get the obstruction removed.

Creating a right of way

Public rights of way can come into existence through creation or dedication by the landowner. Find out the difference and how the process works.

How to claim an unrecorded right of way

Claiming an unrecorded right of way helps to ensure the path is protected for the public use, both now and in the future. Find out why and how to go about doing it.

Comment on a path order

Local authorities can make path orders which, if confirmed, can create, close or divert rights of way. The law says that a local authority must let the public know about proposed changes, and give them the chance to comment or object, so as a member of the public you have a voice. We've produced some tips on how to make the best use of your right to object.