A summary of last month's Pathwatch reports

Our Pathwatch app enables walkers to report on path issues. Walkers can report issues ranging from obstructions like fallen trees to a missing sign. We then use the information reported to us to notify the local authority responsible.  The categories we have used to group together the path problems reported to us are: “Intimidating”, "Obstructions", "Path Surface", "Road Crossings", "Bridges, Gates and Stiles" and " Finding your way". The chart below shows which types of path issues have been most commonly reported to us over the past month.


Below is a chart which demonstrates the impact this issue had on the walker as to whether it made the walk "unusable" or "inconvenient."



Bridges gates and stiles

From locked gates to unsafe stiles - find out more about the problems people encountered with bridges, gates and stiles.

Finding your way

From missing and broken signs to paths not being found - find our more about problems people encountered trying to find their way.


Find out more about the intimidating problems people have encountered while out walking.


From barbed wire and electric fences to fallen trees and overhanging vegetation - find out more about obstructions people have encountered while walking.

Path surface

Find out more about what types of path problems people reported this month.

Road crossings

Find out more about the problems people faced while trying to cross roads this month.