Pathwatch in Scotland

Pathwatch in Scotland

Our Pathwatch app is now available in Scotland, to help walkers record the challenges we face, and the things we value most.

You can use our app to share positive experiences and report any problems you encounter while out and about in Scotland.

What will Pathwatch do?

Our free Pathwatch app lets you record what you find while on the move. That could mean logging anything from missing signs and overgrown paths to exciting views and wildlife. A desktop version of Pathwatch is available here.

Ramblers Scotland will use the information you log to help promote and protect the country’s unique landscape, nature and access.

We also want to use Pathwatch to work more closely with walkers, landowners and access authorities to improve Scotland’s outdoors for all.

Why is it needed?

We know that Scotland has some of the best access legislation in the world, but until Pathwatch, there was no single, simple way for people to share their experiences while out and about in Scotland.

Pathwatch makes it easy for you to let us know instantly about any problems stopping you in your tracks. And we’re excited about the opportunity to celebrate the great experiences people have while exploring Scotland on foot.

The Pathwatch project has previously run successfully in England and Wales.

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