How to keep safe and tips for dealing with different situations that you may encounter when out and about walking.


Walking with dogs

Useful advice for dog owners and tips to follow when encountering unfamiliar or aggressive dogs.

first aid kit

First aid for Ramblers

Find tips, guidance and training opportunities to support you when faced with an emergency on a group walk – whether cut & grazes, or something more serious.

Cow face

Walking near livestock

Tips to follow when walking near livestock, particularly in spring and when walking with dogs.



Advice on insects and how best to deal with bites and stings.


Walking near horses

Tips to follow when encountering horses on bridleways, roads and in fields with rights of way over them.

Walk near road

Highway Code for walkers

Advice for walkers when walking on roads, including what to do when there is no pavement.

Road walking

Walking on roads

Roads and streets are an important part of the walking environment, we've provided some informaiton on initiatives that have helped make them more walking friendly.

Winter trees

Walking in all seasons


Thunder and lightning

Woman in the mountains

Mountain and hill walking



Advice for walkers during times of flooding to help you stay safe when out walking.

Lone walker

Personal safety

Tips on staying safe if you go out walking alone.

Level crossing

Level crossings

Advice for walkers when crossing a railway line using a level crossing.

Walking on military sites

If you’re a keen walker, there’s a good chance that you’ve walked on land owned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Here are the dangers, and how to stay safe.

Foot sole


Some helpful tips on preventing and treating blisters.

Drinking water

Food and drink

Advice on keeping hydrated and maintaining your enegry levels when out walking.