Introduction to first aid

Walking is a relatively low-risk activity, but you should expect the unexpected and ideally have one person in your walking party who has a basic knowledge of first aid in case someone falls ill or is injured. This is particularly important if you plan on walking in remote areas – particularly on hills and mountains where there can be a risk of hypothermia.

First aid courses are run by a wide variety of providers, including St John Ambulance and the British Red Cross. Both charities also offer free first aid guides, online advice and help videos and mobile apps.


Online information:

Mobile apps:

The British Red Cross, on behalf of the Ramblers, has developed some first aid advice specifically for walkers on dealing with emergencies and how to deal with specific situations that you might encounter on a walk.

First aid kits are available from the British Red Cross and St John Ambulance and from outdoor stores including Blacks, Millets, TISO and Cotswold Outdoor.