Be light on your feet

Best known for its lightweight, technical footwear, inov-8 has released its most exciting collection yet

With its headquarters in the heart of the Lake District fells, inov-8 is perhaps best known as a pioneering off-road running brand. However, in recent years, the company has made giant strides in hiking, with a growing range of innovative products – from footwear to clothing and equipment. inov-8 footwear is always lightweight. Indeed, the weight is pointed out (in grams) in each product’s name.

A lightweight hiking boot doesn’t just feel comfortable – it will also save more energy than you might think. There is a saying that ‘a pound on your feet equals five pounds on your back’. Likewise, removing a pound of weight that's covering your feet feels like removing five pounds from your rucksack.

inov-8’s footwear is also designed to allow your feet to move more naturally. Many outdoor boots and shoes are stiff and protective, which might seem safe and comfortable, but it also stops you being able to quickly react and adjust to changes in underfoot terrain. Being at one with the terrain, while still enjoying the comfort of cushioning, helps improve your balance and allows you to respond better to changes in uneven surfaces.

What makes the Roclite V2 hike range unique?

The new Roclite V2 range is inov-8’s most exciting hiking footwear collection to date, covering all the needs of the ambitious hiker. The V2 in the Roclite V2 range stands for Version 2, meaning each of the three products is a new and improved upgrade on the award-winning originals, all of which were hugely popular. Thanks to meticulous design updates and the new use of cutting-edge material technologies, the revamped hiking boots and shoes promise more comfort, protection, support, energy return and durability.

Like many of inov-8’s award-winning trail running shoes, the Roclite V2 also boasts graphene-enhanced rubber on the outsole. Thanks to the powers of graphene – thought to be the strongest material on the planet – the rubber delivers the world’s toughest grip and is 50% harder-wearing.

For extra comfort, the Powerflow Max midsole foam offers more cushioning and energy return, while your feet will remain dry, thanks to Gore-Tex waterproof protection. All three new models also possess a flexible rock plate, protecting the underfoot from sharp debris while also flexing to work with the natural movements of the foot when hiking.


How do the Roclite V2 hike models differ?


Men's walking boot


If you love the feel of a protective hiking boot that is tough and supportive, the Roclite Pro G 400 GTX V2 is for you. It’s perfect for longer, more demanding hikes and adventures over technical terrain.

Men's walking boot


If you love the feel of a lightweight hiking boot that is flexible and agile, this one is for you. Perfect for fast-feel day hikes and adventures over hilly and mid-technical terrain.

Men's walking boot


If you love the feel of a shoe rather than a boot, this is for you – perfect for hiking, trail running and sporting adventures over a wide range of terrains. Shares many similarities with the 345, but in shoe form.

To purchase and for further information, visit the inov-8 website.