British Camp Reservoir, Malvern Hills (Free Route)

 Route Summary

The views around British Camp are unsurpassed in the area and it is not hard to see why Iron Age Britons chose this site as a stronghold. This walk takes a small but beautiful section of the Malvern Hills and is perfect for groups of mixed ability.

Difficulty: Leisurely

Distance:  3.0 miles (4.8 km)

Walking Time: 02h 00m

Type: Circular

Start location

Herefordshire Beacon car park, WR13 6DW

lat: 52.0614748

lon: -2.3473954

Getting there

By public transport: The start of the walk is four miles from Great Malvern station. Taxi rank outside station or book Malvern Taxis (07775 060704).

Route Map

british camp reservoir



The route begins in the main car park opposite The Malvern Hills Hotel. Head to the path behind the information boards in the corner of the car park, then follow the sign to Pink Cottage. Continue on the lower path, which slowly reveals stunning panoramic views. There are tantalising glimpses through the trees, and once the treeline drops away the stunning views of the reservoir and beyond soon open up.


Those not wishing to do the full walk can sit this section out, avoiding a descent down to the reservoir and the ascent back up. Continue walking until you see stone steps dropping down to the water. Follow the path to the mock Tudor cottage. Walk past the cottage and veer right making your way around the derelict buildings at the back of the reservoir until you reach the woods. This is a little off the beaten track but for wildlife enthusiasts offers the chance to spot deer and birdlife, which instinctively avoid the main path. Follow the path meandering roughly through the woods, along the fence up around the waterline before heading back up the path, slightly further up from where you departed.


Continue on the path until you reach the directional stone cairn. Follow the sign to the Giant’s Cave (also known as Clutter's Cave), thought to have been made by a hermit in the Middle Ages. Here there are spectacular views of Hay Bluff over to the west. The path splits and forms a T-junction, turn left here up Hangman's Hill.


The path horseshoes round past a hawthorn tree, where it is worth admiring the view. Carry on up to the summit above the cave back to the directional cairn. Take the left fork up the steps to the earthworks of British Camp. The undulating ground offers amazing views of the entire area.


Once over the lower ramparts make your way to the flat summit of Herefordshire Beacon. Continue to this peak then, once over it, head down the steps, where you can see a priory down in the valley. Turn right at concrete steps, then left past the bench and dog bin back to the car park.